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World Milk Day [y] celebrated on June 01

June 1st is a day set aside to celebrate Milk Day and no doubt, milk is the food of the world, so this is a celebration that can be held anywhere in the world. World Milk Day celebrates the important role of dairy products in the global food system, bringing economic, nutritional and social benefits to the majority of the world’s population.

The use of milk in food and drink has existed for thousands of years. As most people understand, milk is an integral part of most people’s daily lives, and some industries revolve around milk.

Milk is a liquid food, rich in nutrients such as calcium and It is well known that milk is rich in calcium, a mineral that promotes healthy teeth and bones. This is a food used mainly by mammals during childhood. In humans, most adults can digest lactose with milk, so they tend to consume lactose during adulthood.

In addition to that Milk isn’t just about drinking. It is an essential ingredient in dairy products such as ice cream, cream, cheese and butter. Milk can also be used as an ingredient in other types of food such as bread, cakes, cereals and desserts.

It is undeniable that milk is central to most people’s diets today. It is also one of the cheapest foods to buy given the size of the world’s milk production industry. Some of the major suppliers of milk are the United States, China and India.

History of World Milk Day

Milk Day became a global celebration on June 1, 2001. Generally, global celebrations date back to the United Nations. In particular, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has been responsible for hosting and marketing World Milk Day around the world.

More than 20 years ago, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations proposed World Milk Day to recognize the importance of milk and its role in the world. In addition, the day was created to provide a direct approach to the dairy industry and to promote various activities related to it. In fact, the dairy industry supports the lives of nearly a billion people around the world.

But even before this day was created in 2001, several other countries throughout history celebrated Milk Day. For example, the British Isles celebrated Milk Day (‘Imbolc’ – Celtic for ‘milk’) during the pre-Christian era.

Given that more than 6 billion people around the world consume milk and dairy products, it’s no wonder that this delicious and healthy drink needed a celebration.

How to Celebrate the World Milk Day

June 1 is the day many people want to keep a journal. Milk plays a huge role in the world and should be celebrated in style.

However, what can you do to celebrate such a significant opportunity? Try some of these ideas to enjoy Milk Day.

Day Started with a Cup of Milk

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Why don’t you start the day with a glass of cold milk this morning?!! But don’t stop there. Why not enjoy a great cereal with plenty of delicious milk?

Don’t forget to take a picture of the beautiful milk mustache after drinking that glass of milk! Share it with the world on social media and remind everyone else to enjoy Milk Day.

Official Milk Day Celebration in 2020

As a global event, Milk Day has all kinds of official opportunities to celebrate! In 2020, there were more than 400 milk day campaigns in over 68 countries around the world, so there should be a lot of participation this year too. Some events that have taken place in 2020 as follows,

  • World Milk Day Milk Donation

In New York, USA, various organizations come together to provide free 1 gallon of milk to local communities visiting dairy farms.

  • Live quick recipes by Renowned Chefs from all around the World

This Facebook live event was sponsored by Amal, India, India’s largest dairy brand, with the aim of demonstrating the importance of milk in different countries and cultures.

  • International Dairy Federation Raise a Glass Event

The IDF-sponsored event in Brussels, Belgium, included a toast to milk from people around the world.

Visit a Local Dairy/ Farm

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If you have a free time, especially those with children who are ready to learn, consider visiting a local dairy to learn about the process of milking and collecting milk. This also leads to learning about pasteurization and homogenization of milk, and the methods used to filter milk for durability.

If you don’t have a cattle farm nearby, consider visiting a small farm with goats. It is still possible to learn everything about milk orientation, but they can be smaller and more accessible as they can be locally owned.

Enjoy with other Milk Products

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For lunch, grab a mozzarella cheese or Margherita pizza and drink a glass of chocolate milk. After that, if you are hungry, you can always eat delicious dessert ice cream!

Other options for enjoying dairy products this day (and every day!) Include yogurt, sour cream, butter, custard, cream, and all the recipes you can make with them.

Try a Milk Alternative

For those who have difficulty digesting dairy products easily, why not try other non-dairy milk alternatives? Here are some popular options.

  • Almond milk. Made by crushing almonds, mixing them with water, and straining the mixture to remove any remaining solids, this nut milk is packed with protein.
  • Soymilk A popular early milk replacer, it is made from soybean plants that are very breeding in many places.
  • Coconut milk. Use a fleshy white portion of coconut, grate it and soak it in water. After the cream floats and degreases, the remaining material is strained to extract the coconut milk.

International Dairy Federation (IDF)

The International Dairy Federation we know was founded in 1903 in Brussels, Belgium, at the 1st International Dairy Conference.

The original purpose of the federation is very similar to the current one. Representing the entire dairy industry internationally by providing a global source of scientific expertise and knowledge to support the development and promotion of high-quality milk and dairy products. Provide nutrition, health and wellness to consumers.

The status of an international organization was granted by the Royal Decree of Belgium on November 5, 1955. This official constitution was registered in accordance with Belgian law and was adopted in October 2020.

primary source of scientific and technical expertise for all stakeholders in the dairy chain is known as IDF. Since 1903, they have provided a technology for the dairy sector to reach global consensus to support the supply of safe and sustainable dairy products worldwide.

The IDF is an internationally recognized authority on the development of science-based standards in the dairy sector and has the right policies, standards and practices to ensure that the world’s dairy products are safe and sustainable., They play an important role in ensure compliance with regulations.

With over 1,200 talented dairy professionals in 43 countries around the world, IDF accounts for 75% of the world’s milk production and is a permanent source of reliable scientific and technological information related to the dairy sector. It offers.

World Milk day 2019 Theme: “Drink Milk: Today & Everyday”

World Milk day 2020 Theme: “World Milk Day 20th Anniversary”.

World Milk day 2020 Theme: “This year the theme will focus on Sustainability in the dairy sector with messages on the environment, nutrition and socio-economics”

World Milk day 2021

World Milk Day 2021 is 20 years old and they have dedicated a day to commemorate their outstanding achievements. This year’s theme is “World Milk Day 20th Anniversary”. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizers are encouraged to run social media campaigns and online events and comply with policies set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local governments. IDF idea goes to all the people who are infected with this virus.


In 2021 IDF has decided to launch the milk day campaign via internet and social medias then anyone can host a World Milk Day event. The following people are in the best position to organize a dairy promotion campaign and may have already attended the World Milk Day event.

  • Community Groups and sporting clubs.
  • Dairy Manufactures, Farmers, Cooperatives
  • Health and Nutrition Organizations
  • Dairy Retailers
  • Dairy Researchers
  • Dairy Product suppliers
  • Agricultural Societies
  • Schools and Universities
  • Individuals, Families

The organizers invite to the interested to the campaign from May 1st to June 1st via social media events to encourage community importance dairy to daily life.

  • health and nutrition with good food
  • Farmers who care about their responsibilities to communities, land and animals.
  • Sustainability practices in the dairy sector
  • How dairy effect to the economics and livelihoods

IDF want to show people the creativity of World Milk Day organizers by publicizing World Milk Day around the world and giving them access to live and recorded images of all the campaigns taking place around the world. World Milk Day relies specifically on social media to ensure that all campaigns are shared widely, sometimes live or with a short delay.

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