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World Bicycle Day 2021 June 03

The World Bicycle Day is celebrated on 3rd of June and it is one of the most important inventions in the history of the earth. It provides millions of people with a means of transportation that works only on their bodies. It is practical, reliable and helps you stay healthy. Many find it a fun and easy way to avoid and handle everyday tasks.

World Bicycle Day is an attempt by the United Nations to recognize the vitality of bicycles around the world. Bicycles help many families around the world have access to cheap and reliable transportation. It’s no wonder that many people attend the celebration and want others to know about this exciting and turbulent World Bicycle Day.

Cycling is an environmentally friendly, safe and healthy way to travel anywhere. If you want to protect the world from the damage of unsustainable CO2 production, you have to do more. It can save lives, improve the environment, and help reduce poverty. For these reasons, it is much more noticeable than what you are currently receiving.

The General Assembly has decided to Declare World Bicycle Day on June 3 due to the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of bicycles that have been used for two centuries, as well as simple, affordable, reliable, clean, ecological and sustainable means of transport.

World Bicycle Day encourages sustainable development, strengthens education, including physical education for children and teenagers, promotes health and tolerance, prevents illness, increases mutual understanding and respect, Encourages stakeholders to emphasize and promote cycling as a means of promoting social inclusion and culture of peace.

History of the World Bicycle Day

California Cycleway 1900
California cycleway year 1900

The United Nations has established World Bicycle Day for many reasons. The impact of bicycles on society can be very different. Even the poorest people can use their bicycles for basic transportation.

It all began when US-based professor Rezek Sibilski launched a grassroots campaign in sociology classes and promoted a UN resolution designating humble bicycle defense and celebrating world bicycle day around the world. In 2015, Sibilski devoted himself to academic projects, exploring the role of bicycles and their development. His project spurred a large-scale movement backed by “sustainable mobility for all” and ultimately brought about a dedicated international day established by the United Nations to promote cycling.

Dr. Bernhard Ensink, Secretary-General of the World Cycling Alliance (WCA) and the European Cyclists Federation (ECF), states:

Cycling is a source for social, economic and environmental benefits – and it is bringing people together. WCA and ECF are extremely happy with this declaration. This UN declaration is an acknowledgment of the contribution of cycling to the sustainable development goals – Dr. Bernhard Ensink

WCA and ECF submitted a document to the United Nations in 2015. The document states that it will directly provide at least 12 of the 17 SGDs titled “Cycling delivers on the global goals!”. Also, WCA and ECF acknowledge the World bicycle day campaign of professor Rezek Sibilski.

WCA and ECF welcome this resolution adopted by the UNGA after campaigning for the UN-designated World Bicycle Day beginning in 2016. A resolution declaring June 3, as World Bicycle Day was unanimously adopted by the 193 member states of the United Nations General Assembly on April 12, 2018. The resolution received strong support from Turkmenistan and was co-sponsored by some 56 countries.

The logo is also designed by Isaac Feld and comes with an animation created by Professor John E. Swanson, showing the different types of bicycles around the world. The message here is that a simple contradiction serves all humanity and fills the gap between people from different life paths. Blue and white logo was used for creating the logo.

President George W. Bush at world bicyle day
Former President George W. Bush

Photo by Grant Miller

Why the World Bicycle Day

The importance of World Bicycle Day is that it is a global holiday for everyone. The idea for the day is to motivate and inspire people to be more forgiving, understanding, and respectful of each other. Second, bicycles mean a more sustainable means of transportation that is useful not only for people but also for the environment and the economy.

The world Bicycle Day Declaration strongly recognizes the efforts of CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty) to improve the lives of African families through bicycle development programs. Through these bicycle projects in Africa, bicycles provide better access to education and health care and improve the socio-economic status of African families. In addition, bicycles are an environmentally friendly means of transport that provides opportunities for a sustainable society.

world bicycle day celebration
  • World Bicycle Day Encourages the Member States to improve road safety and integrate it into the planning and design of sustainable transport and mobility infrastructure. In particular, its goal is to provide broader health outcomes, especially non-communicable disease prevention, through policies and measures to protect and promote pedestrian safety and bicycle mobility.
  • World Bicycle Day promotes sustainable development, strengthens education, including physical education for children and adolescents, promotes health, prevents disease, promotes tolerance, promotes mutual understanding and respect, and promotes social inclusion as we emphasize the use of bicycles and encourage stakeholders to move forward.
  • World Bicycle Day encourages the Member States to pay special attention to bicycles in their cross-cutting development strategies and to include them in their international, regional, national, and local development policies and programs.
  • World bicycle day encourages the Member States to adopt best practices and means to promote cycling among all members of society and, in this regard, as a means of improving physical and mental health, well-being, and development. And welcome the initiative to organize cycling locally cycling culture in society.

Why Bicycling – The Most Eco-Friendly Mode of Transportation

girls ride bicycle impodays

Regular, moderate-intensity physical activity such as walking, biking, and playing sports has great health benefits. At all ages, the benefits of physical activity outweigh the potential harm from an accident, for example. A little physical activity is better than nothing. By staying active during the day relatively easily, people can reach the recommended activity level very easily.

While the benefits of investing in pedestrians and support reducing the poverty, cyclists help save lives and protect the environment, the mobility needs of the majority of urban citizens who walk and the cycle continue to be overlooked. Meeting the needs of people who walk and bicycle remains an important part of mobility solutions to help cities separate population growth from rising emissions and improve air quality and road safety.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), safe infrastructure for walking and cycling is also a way to achieve massive health equity. In poorer urban areas, where you often cannot afford a private car, walking and cycling can provide transportation while reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes, and even death. Therefore, the improvement of active transport is not only healthy.

  • Bicycles are a symbol of sustainable transport, they convey a positive message to promote sustainable consumption and production and have a positive impact on the climate.

  • Bicycles are a simple, affordable, reliable, clean, ecological, and sustainable means of transport.

  • Bicycle and user synergies promote creativity and social engagement, allowing users to recognize the local environment instantly.

  • Bicycles act as a tool that uses, for well-being of transportation, as well as access to education, health, and sports.

How to celebrate the World Bicycle Day

People used to celebrate the world bicycle day by organizing bicycle race, and trips, however due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are no big public rallies like in the last two years when people gathered for rallies. People often ride their bicycles around the city and organize other events on their bicycles. Due to increased social distance, people can ride on their bicycles rather than their cars.

Consider donating CooP-Africa (Cycling out of Poverty) to celebrate World Bicycle Day to provide bicycles to students, health volunteers, and farmers. By bicycles, they can combine homework and school to get to school on time, even over long distances, so students don’t get tired of class from long walks and you can pay more attention in class.

world bicycle daay celebration africa

Bicycles allow medical volunteers in Africa to visit many homes a day. This allows them to make their health services more efficient and effective, and they can better monitor their patients. In an emergency, they can be faster. Pregnant mothers, for example, benefit from this improved health care system because they are closely monitored before and after delivery and more deliveries are supervised by trained health workers. Bicycles give farmers access to the market. This is essential to provide access to high-quality agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, and water. It also allows you to sell your crops in more markets.

Would you like to donate to CooP-Africa, Cycling out of Poverty ? go to

World Bicycle Day 2020

By World Bicycle Day 2020, cycling advocacy whole quickly adapted to the unprecedented opportunity of the COVID-19 pandemic, sparking a cycling boom across the continent. Therefore organizers had to declare their more events on 2020 World Bicycle Day.

On World Bicycle Day 2020 €40 million was invested by the Austrian government to into promote cycling in 2020. Funding from the Expert Center to Increase Bicycling to Work was included in the National Reconstruction Package.

World Bicycle Day 2021

The hashtag for world Bicycle Day 2021 is #June3WorldBicycleDay. You can Support Cycling out of Poverty’s work by sharing your commitment using #June3WorldBicycleDay and #aBikeMakesTheDifference to inform your family, friends, and network know about CooP-Africa work to promote access to education, health care, and income with bicycles in Africa.

You also can contribute to marking the third edition of World Bicycle Day 2021 because the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is hosting several online activities during the day.

Join the Zwift Virtual Ride with four of today’s biggest cycling stars. You can make a difference by participating in World Bicycle Relief’s #CyclingActsofKindness campaign. Or you can laugh at the fun and inspiring videos you share throughout the day. It is totally up to you to find the right activity for you!

On this World bicycle day 2021, we can share our knowledge on bicycles around the world via social media by mentioning the importance of riding bicycles.