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National Sunglasses Day is a celebration of the importance of wearing sunglasses and UV-protective glasses, which the Vision Council brings to life on June 27 of each year is an American invention by The Vision Council.

Sunglasses are tied not only by protection, but also by the charm, mystery, and star power of the past centuries. Sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, including cat eyes, large butterflies, classic D-frames, aviators, slim ovals, round, square, and wayfarers. Sunglasses that continue to evolve with the times and trends. Sunglasses are widely used to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and eye damage such as eye strain. Thanks to the plastic sunglasses, it is lighter, cheaper and more protected. Celebrities play an important role in setting the trend for sunglasses. National Sunglasses Day celebrates Sunglasses, who protects our eyes and makes us look just as cool.

Sunglasses are probably the most important fashion accessory of the summer season. Humans have been wearing goggles for centuries, but the sleek design we’re used to today is a much more recent invention.

In prehistoric times, the Inuit used walrus ivory to make glasses, blocking the powerful rays of the sun reflected by snow and ice. In the 1700s, doctors regularly prescribed colored glasses to correct vision, and in the 1930s, the Foster Grant Company was selling trendy sunglasses on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. On the eve of World War II, a small company called Ray-Ban began making anti-reflective sunglasses for pilots. The “Aviators” became the first commercially successful sunglasses.

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History of National Sunglasses Day

History of National Sunglasses Day

The history of National Sunglasses Day is unknown. The Inuit wore ivory flat glasses to block the harmful rays of the sun in prehistoric times. Sunglasses were used in 12th century China. Those sunglasses were made of smoky quartz flat glass lenses. They do not provide corrective power and do not protect against harmful ultraviolet rays, but they do protect the eyes from glare. Ancient documents indicate that when a judge in an ancient Chinese court questioned a witness, he wore glass sunglasses to hide his facial expression.

James Ayscough began experimenting with colored lenses in eyeglasses in the 18th century, not to protect them from the sun’s rays, but to improve the sight of people with poor eyesight. He believed that changing the lens color to a shade of blue/green could correct certain visual impairments.

Sam Foster, the founder of Foster Grant of Atlantic City, manufactured mass-produced sunglasses in the United States in 1929 and was a huge success through his company. In 1929, he sold the first Foster Grant sunglasses in Atlantic City, Boardwalk, New Jersey.

Polarized sunglasses first became popular in 1936 when Edwin H. Land began manufacturing sunglasses using the patented Polaroid filter. Sunglasses also played an important role during WWII when Ray-Ban used polarized light to make anti-reflective aviator sunglasses. Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses were popular with celebrities and the general public in 1937.

UV cut sunglasses are now almost the industry standard, and the types of sunglasses change year after year.

Importance of wearing Sunglasses

How to celebrate National Sunglasses Day

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Of course, you can’t end with a style track. Make sure to buy sunglasses that fit your particular wardrobe. Wearing the latest sunglasses and fashion trends is a breeze, but keep in mind that you need a couple of shades to complement your everyday outfit. Comfort and fit also play an important role. Look for sunglasses that are comfortable to wear and that look good. Consider every pair that collects dust in your wardrobe because it is too tight or needs to fit properly. Take the time to go to the shop and try out different styles, shapes, and designers. You may look completely different from what you imagined!

In addition to being a stylish accessory, sunglasses have many benefits for your eyes. Reduces glare, prevents eye problems, and helps improve visibility. With all of this in mind, here are the top five reasons why you should get a high-quality shade and wear it regularly.

1. Sunglasses protect eyes from the elements

Whether you’re skiing in the mountains, lounging on tropical beaches, or biking on dirt roads, sunglasses can hurt your eyes or enjoy a fun outdoor adventure. Sand, wind, and dust can irritate the eyes, damage the cornea, and in some cases cause permanent damage. Snow is less abrasive but reflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays into the eyes. If you spend a lot of time in the snow without wearing sunglasses, you may be overexposed to the ice and ultraviolet rays reflected by the snow, causing “snow blindness” that causes temporary blindness. Wearing sunglasses will prevent snow blindness and allow you to stay longer on the slopes.

2. Sunglasses help to prevent certain eye diseases related to the sun

Long-term exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and pterygium. Cataracts include clouding of the lens of the eye, which causes cloud vision. Macular degeneration results from deterioration of the macula in the retina, which destroys central vision. And the pterygium is accompanied by the growth of eye tissue. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection protects you from these conditions and keeps your eyes healthier and longer.

3. You’ll be able to see more and enjoy the view more than otherwise

Wearing sunglasses not only protect your health but also improves your visibility in bright light. It reduces glare and improves color and contrast, allowing you to better capture the outside environment and drive more safely. Driving with sunglasses on cloudy days will improve visibility and reduce glare. If you are going fishing instead of driving, it is easier to see through the glare-free surface, which is strongly reflected.

4. Sunglasses will assist to protect your eyes when they are recovering from a procedure

Recently, eye correction surgery, such as LASIK surgery and cataract surgery, has become common. However, it is important to keep wearing sunglasses after surgery to help your eyes heal. Sunglasses protect your eyes from damage and help you recover quickly and smoothly.

5. You’ll be able to avoid headaches and migraines

For many people who regularly suffer from migraines and severe headaches, sunlight is a great trigger. Wearing sunglasses allows you to be in the sun without extreme pain or discomfort.

Whatever the most attractive reason, sunglasses make your eyes safer and more comfortable outdoors. So, get high-quality sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays and wear them regularly.

How to celebrate National Sunglasses Day

How to celebrate National Sunglasses Day

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Celebrate National Sunglasses Day by flaunting sunglasses on social media and spreading a message about the importance of wearing sunglasses in the sun. Those who like to enjoy the sun light should wear sunglasses and it is essential to be aware of the effects of ultraviolet rays. You can also buy new sunglasses to celebrate National sunglasses day. Watch the day by spreading this message and educating others about it. Use the hashtag #NationalSunglassesDay to post your photos on social media and share your National Sunglasses Day celebrations.

The Vision Council has created downloadable marketing assets, including sample social media posts and graphics, web banners, posters, logos, and more. To access the materials, visit nationalsunglassesday. At ThinkAboutYourEyes you will find additional information on UV eye protection and sunglasses and National sunglasses day activities.

National Sunglasses Day 2021

Protect yourself as COVID-19 pandemics continue to disrupt everyday life, with recent data from the Google Community Mobility Report showing a 68% increase in an outdoor activity such as parks and public beaches. It is especially important to promote the importance of protecting eyes from exposure to potentially harmful ultraviolet light.

As part of maintaining eye health, the Vision Council encourages individuals and families to schedule annual eye exams for themselves and their children. Ultimate purpose of the National Sunglasses Day is protecting your eyes from bad sun rays. Think About Your Eyes is a national awareness campaign that aims to promote the importance of having an optometrist perform an annual comprehensive eye exam and offers a doctor search on National sunglasses day website. In addition, their website provides information on UV eye protection and sunglasses, including sports-related sunscreens, general questions about UV protection, and steps to maintain eye health.

There is no better way to celebrate National Sunglasses Day 2021 than by purchasing for a new shade of sunglasses. Not only is it a stylish item, but it also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. It is important that each person have sunglasses that provide adequate protection. That is why all Real Shades sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. So if you want to buy a new pair, there are plenty of online marketing resources around you.

National Sunglasses Day 2021 is a great opportunity to liven up conversations, take sunny selfies, and spread the good news about UV protection and long-lasting healthy vision.