How to get free youtube subscribers

How to get FREE REAL YouTube subscribers | Step by Step Guide

Are you a YouTuber? Do you need to get real subscribers to your channel for free? Then this step-by-step tutorial is for you.

In this “how to get free real YouTube subscribers” tutorial, I will show you how to get real subscribers without wasting your money on scammers. You can do this even you are working at the office, on a bus, or anywhere. You only need a mobile phone and a working internet connection.

As a YouTuber, you know that having fake subscribers are not worthy at all. Because nowadays, YouTube will identify and drop fake subscribers. Probably you might have this experience. If you get fake subscribers, within the next two or three days, they will be disappeared.

But using this method which I am going to show you, will get you, real subscribers. So, I can assure you, they are not going to drop & they are real users like you and me.

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers Likes and Views

Let’s start

Go to the link below and download the UChannel android app for your android mobile phone. Next, you have to sign up using your Gmail.

IMPORTANT: Please use the same Gmail account that you used to create the YouTube channel. Otherwise, you will not get subscribers or views.

Download app from here

The above screenshot shows the app. (Use the above link to download the app and you will get additional 10% coins for every reward)

After installing, open the UChannel app. You will see the app homepage like the below screenshot. On the top right corner, your balance will show. Initially, the balance will be zero. Don’t worry. I will show you how to earn coins.

You can earn coins in three ways.

1. View

2. Subscribe

3. Like

These three methods are paying coins in a different way. 2nd method “Subscribe” will pay you the highest amount of coins.

As shown in the above screenshot, click the subscriber button. Then, it will redirect to a specific YouTube video. You have to watch this video for some time (1 minute, 2 minutes, or even more as you like), like and subscribe to it.

How to get free youtube subscribers

Then you will get coins. Watch a couple of videos to get some coins. Just play the video and do your work. It is simple right. This can do even if you are working at the office or traveling on a bus.

How to Create the Free YouTube Subscriber Campaign

After collecting a decent amount of money, you need to create a campaign to get subscribers, likes, and views for you.

Click the Campaign tab. (see below screenshot)

Then click the plus button to create the Campaign.

The choose the campaign type. There are three campaigns.

1. Subscribers likes and views for your channel

2. Views for your video

3. Likes for your video

How to get free youtube subscribers

Click what you want to do. I want to increase my subscribers. So, I will go with Campaign number 1.

Then You need to enter the URL of your video. Then click ADD.

How to get free youtube subscribers

Then you can change campaign settings. Here you will be able to change expected subscribers, expected likes, expected views, and time required.

How to get free youtube subscribers

Please adjust the campaign settings according to your account balance. For this tutorial, I will use 10 subscriber’s settings. Note that, you can add up to 1000 subscribers in a single campaign. Then click Done to start the campaign.

Then you will see your campaign progress as below screenshot.

After 2 – 3 hours, check the campaign process again, you will see how many subscribers you got at that time. after you got the expected subscribers, your campaign will be finished.

App link: download app from here

Try this, I am guaranteed you can get real subscribers for Free. Please be aware of scammers who ask for money to get subscribers. DO NOT give money to scammers. They use bots to increase subscribers which is not worthy at all. Finally, I recommend you try to get organic traffic after you earned a decent amount of subscribers from this. Do not depend on tools always. Use tools to get the start. Create quality and unique content on your channel. Then you will get subscribers and views naturally. Good Luck to all of you. Happy Future on YouTube……!!!!!

App link: download app from here