How to write your “Business Plan” ?

Write your 'Business Plan'
How to write your 'Business Plan'?
Detailed study upon Project Timelines especially for 'Start-ups'
Market Analysis and Competition Analysis Thesis
How to start you own business without no prior experience?

Welcome to the newest course that we have created i.e., How to write your ‘Business Plan’? So this course will be very helpful who are just starting with their business and who are there starting with their own ventures or it will be very helpful for those entrepreneurs who have just started their journey. So during this course, I will be discussing upon the core areas. And what are the core areas? That is, Company Overview, Market Analysis, Product Segmentation, Customer Segmentation, Four P’s of Marketing, Financial Plans as well as your Logistics & Inventory Plans. So before starting with the course, I would like to just give a brief about myself. So, I founded this company by the name of Retter E-Commerce under which I started an Ed-tech learning program by the name of ‘The Saviour Academy’. As most of you must be aware about this academy. Then I created my newest venture by the name of ‘Viosfaira’, which was a very new concept to me, because it was about the Apparel Industry. So during this course, I will be discussing all my strategies, all my techniques that I have introduced to make these two projects a big success!



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